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Portraiture in oils

An oil portrait is a precious heirloom that will not only be passed down from one generation to the next, it will hold its value, last for centuries and perhaps one day find its way into a museum collection. There is no better way to memorialize either yourself or a loved one than in this traditional and time honored medium. As a classically trained fine and portrait artist, it is a pure joy for me to paint an oil portrait that embodies the essence and vitality of a subject. It is my hope to capture my client's dreams and visions on canvas, creating for them an heirloom that is worthy of becoming a precious family possession to be treasured. Each portrait that I paint is crafted on fine, imported Belgian linen. I only use the finest pigments in oils and a solution of very rare, dissolved amber resin so that I create a work of art that will stand the test of time.

Here is a list of step to help you follow throughout the portrait commission procedure. Many of my clients are surprised to find out that this process is quick and will require very little of their precious time. Due to the time it takes to create a work some clients may have to be placed on a waiting list.

How it works:

First Meeting

After an interested client makes initial contact with me, I will schedule a first meeting with them. This meeting may either take place at the client’s home or at my studio. I will show them all the pertinent portfolio pieces and then discuss with them what their vision is for their commission. We will establish the setting that will be represented in the painting and address the size of the finished piece as well as the place it will be going to hang, We will establish the wardrobe, jewelry and other special wishes the clients has for the finished work. If the client is certain at that time that he wishes to retain my services, we will sign a contract agreement in order to place them on my waiting list and a second meeting will be scheduled. One third of the commission plus my travel expenses if they apply will be due at this time.

AT the second meeting,

I will meet the client in the locale that was agreed upon for the setting of the paining and I will do a photo shoot of the portrait subject(s) using professional photography equipment and lighting. If the client already has a photo that they wish to use, for example in instances where a posthumous memorial or a surprise portrait are being considered, this setup may be skipped. Clients are responsible for having already procured the appropriate copyrights to the image. A third meeting will be scheduled at this time for approval of the photos.

At the third meeting,

I will show the client the digital photo proofs photo shoot and present them with at least three different portrait options to choose from. A final composition will be agreed upon at this time and a second third of the total commission will be due at this time.

AT this point

I will return to my studio and commence work on the project. This phase usually takes up to two to three months after it is started. I welcome my clients to check in with me at any time or stop in at the studio by appointment to watch the process. It is important for the client to feel like they are part of the work, if stopping by is not feasible, I will offer digital proofs via email all through the process.

Upon completion of the portrait,

I will deliver it to the client in person if they are within a reasonable traveling distance from my studio. If not, we will ship it to them.

At this time the remainder of all final fees will be due before the final product is shipped. Frames and framing are not included in my services, but I will gladly take care of this if it is requested.


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