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Booth Display Banners

When your booth has to compete at a show with hundreds of others for foot traffic, it will stand out and grab attention with a bright, colorful banner specially designed in your brand.

How it works:Waisted Art Banner


When you have contacted us and express to FSW that you wish to have a banner done, we will find out the scope of your project, inform you of our current rates and then if you accept, we bill you through Paypal. Since banner work is going to be blown up on a very large format, it is imperative that all material we have from our clients is high resolution to begin with. We prefer vector files and photography that is at least 900 pixels on one side or greater.


After the client shares with us what their goal is with their banner and what they personally envision, we will go to work to achieve that goal for them using our knowledge of design and color. We will present up to two proofs for ideas and direction. After they have given us their ideas, we will take them and redo a proof that meets client goals and specs. When the client approves a proof, it will be transformed into final art and made into a PDF file that has a full bleed edge and all printer's marks. This file will be printable at any print house. If using an online service like Vista Print, it may be necessary to have a version of your banner in non PDF format as they have you upload the product into their print que yourself. We will need to know at the time of delivery where you intend to have your banner printed so we can prep the file the best way for that printer.


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