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Call upon us to help you paint the digital walls of your web site! We specialize in out of the box artistic concepts designed to catch the eyes of the customer or the casual roaming surfer and pull them right into your site where you want them to be. We will work with web developers or templates to achieve the perfect home online for you. We will also be offering complete custom websites.

Princess Parcel Landing page



Pictured left, Landing page for "Princess Parcel"
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How to get started:


When you make initial contact with us either through one of our selling venues or through our web site, please tell us all about your business and what your vision is for your web site or blog. We will let you know what our current pricing is for blog or web site packages and what we can do for you. When telling us about your business or yourself, we need to know the scope of the project : how many pages and what types graphics you are looking for. We will give you the price for the job at that time and if you agree to it we will bill you through Paypal at that time.


Forward us any logos or branding material you may have had previously done and have used. We can create logos for you if you need us to. We will be developing your business branding with the design of your web site pages or blog...so all information is necessary to have. We need to have all the dimensions in pixels of every area in your template that needs graphics, including the suggested sizes of buttons by the template maker.


We will start creating proofs for you to see, starting usually with the main banner, followed by the background, based upon your suggestions and the outline you have given us about your business and the direction you wanted to go with your graphics. We work by sending you two proofs, each with different concepts to them. When you give us your ideas and thoughts, we will take the proof you preferred or combine the things about the two proofs you preferred and add your changes and corrections. One proof will be sent to you after that for your approval or suggested ideas and this process will continue until we get a final draft of the banner/background that we are working on. This is the same process for all the graphics on the site. During production, we make a copy of the website template and then add the graphics here on our end to send you what we call a "Big Picture concept of what the site will look like once you upload the finished graphics. We find that clients have and easier time visualizing the final result while we are working many small details at one time during production.


After all art is finally approved it is delivered in full jpeg format. If the client wishes any revisions after this point in time there will be a $25 charge each time a file has to be reopened and revised. We will deliver you a zip file that is all the final art, even thought you most likely have copies of the finals already. We strongly advise that before you open your zip file, you throw out all proofs that we have sent you previously so that you don't accidentally mix up the final art with the proofs that were rejected or revised. It is a VERY common mistake to mix up old proofs with the final art, and one we are often called in to fix.



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