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Those shops that showcase your wares just have to look just as good as the items you are trying to sell. We have offered hundreds of clients personal, affordable business branding in their shops, online and offline. We have helped them Brand their businesses with our well known {vtemflybox link=[16 piece deluxe Etsy shop sets] modid=[127] title=[] source=[module]}, thank you cards, stationery, letterheads and more. Read some of our client feed back raves at the bottom of this page, on our testimonials page, or on Etsy!

French Eveangeline Rose Reserved Listing How it works:


After you have contacted us and expressed your interest in working with us for this, we will inform you of what our current going rates are for different Etsy, Big Cartel, or other selling site packages. Once you decide that you want to work with us, we will bill you through Paypal for the ammount stated.

Step 2-PROOFS:

Before we start, we like to have our clients share a bit about their businesses, their vision and their preferences, ie. likes and dislikes for a branding look. If you hate pink or blue, it is helpful to know this going into a project! If you have already started branding yourself one way, we can always incorporate elements into the new designs so that it is a smooth transition. For Etsy sets, we start by creating a 3" x 3" Reserved Listing graphic. Because of it's size, it is perfect starting point for the whole Etsy set. We send the preliminary proofs to you for feed back all through the creation process. Once you are happy with the style of the graphic, we make your whole set based upon it.

Step 3-DELIVERY:reserved listing graphic

We will send you a complete zipped file at the end of all final art work. Remember to throw out all preliminary proofs! It is all too easy to mistake the final art work for the comps that were rejected.

Many times clients need printed Branding materials for their businesses outside of etsy. We can offer product labels, mailers, banners, letterhead and other printables to match their set. We are always happy to give deals and discounts to returning clients for these services. We always enjoy to have long term working relationships with our clients as they are the foundation of our business.


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