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Whatever your graphic design needs, Fischer Studio Works is capable of providing the answer to those needs. We also specialize in branding on Facebook, offering your personal or business page the same care and attention as your websites and blogs

Don't let your branding slack off on Facebook! It is more than just a social networking site now, it has become a critical tool in the box of many business' marketing plans-and for good reason. Statistics show that more and more sales are now made from this place and if you know how to use the social site to your advantage, you can perhaps see the same results. Utilize what it has to offer to the maximum and be sure it is just as sharp looking as the rest of your branding.

How it works: Facebook Time Line Banner


Let us know what it is you are thinking about your timeline banner or fanpage banner and we will let you know of our current pricing packages and deals. If your facebook account is purely a social account, then you may want to have photos of your family, pets and interests incorporated into it. Let us know about your self and what you want people to know about you when they see the landing page banner. For those who are more private, we can design a banner with out photos based upon personal hobbies, interests, or even vacations. The fun part is ... it is all about you ... sort of like a personal pin board. When you bring us in there to spruce it up, we will make you look REALLY good! If your facebook page is all about business then let us know the nature of your business and forward us any logos or branding pieces you may want to have incorporated. We already have on file all of facebooks banner specs so there is no need to get that to us. It would probably be helpful if you forwarded us photos of your products as well. We will bill you for the set price of the package you choose and commence work once you agree to the terms.

Face book AvatarStep 2-PRE-PRODUCTION:

This is where we will take all of the ideas and materials that you gave to us and create at least two proofs. We will send you the two concepts to view and make suggestions on. Which ever direction you indicate with the proofs is the direction we will go. We will make revisions and corrections based up your ideas and resend the proofs. This process will continue until you are happy and we call it final art


You will have most likely recieved many proofs over the period of production. We will send you a final art proof even through you most likely already have it. It is recommended that you toss out all other proofs or save the final one in a folder where you will not mix it up with the ones that were wrong. As always FSW guarantees 100% satisfaction to our clients. You can read our client raves in our feed back on Etsy.



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